Monday, 1 October 2018

6 Car Parts & Their Uses

When it comes to motoring many of us know that operating a car involves the correct fuel, oil and yearly maintenance. If your mechanical expertise does not extend much further than this, you have come to the right place. We have put together the 6 most common car parts and explain what they do.

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The car engine is the heart beat behind everything. Found within your engine bay, the car engine works by allowing fuel and air to filter into the engines cylinders. When the fuel and air feeds into the cylinders a small combustion takes place. The combustion causes a rapid expansion of gases in the form of heat which in turn creates the motion.


When you turn the ignition switch on, you are allowing a current to flow to the battery. The ignition system generates a high voltage and sends it directly to each sparkplug. This ignites the fuel-air mixture in the engines combustion chambers, causing the combustion with the engine.


Under your car you can find a metal container, which contains a series of sub-chambers inside. The muffler helps to reduce the overall engine noise.


The alternator is responsible for all the electrics within your car. The alternator turns a magnet which sits within a wired coil. This rotating movement of the drive belt get turned into electricity, which produces a voltage to charge the cars battery. The car battery is then able to power all the cars electrical components, such as headlights, brake lights and internal electrics.


The engine produces a lot of heat when it’s running, meaning that it needs a radiator to keep it at an optimum temperature. The radiator is located at the front of the car. It allows fresh air to run over and through all the radiator fins. The fins on the radiator are used to help absorb excess heat to ensure that car doesn’t overheat. Coolant is pumped through the engine block and into the radiator and picks up heat from the engine.


The cars transmission ensures that the correct amount of power and torque goes from the engine to the wheels. This allows you to drive within different gear ratios according to the speed of the road. To shift between gears your engine and transmission must disconnect temporarily. When you push the clutch in your engine is disconnecting from the transmission.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Can Vauxhalls Take The New E10 Fuel?

What is the new E10 Fuel?
The government is drafting plans to introduce a new E10 fuel to the UK. This fuel is already rolled out in other countries including Germany and France. E10 is a ‘biofuel’ – it is regular unleaded petrol made with 10% ethanol instead of the usual 5%. Which is hoped to be 2% less pollutive than usual unleaded petrol. The bioethanol in the fuel absorbs some of the carbon dioxide emitted which is why E10 is considered greener.

The problem with E10 is it cannot go into every petrol car as standard. Many older cars will be unable to run on the new eco-fuel, and this has delayed the release of E10 in the UK. Any car produced after 2011 will be E10 compatible – but many popular cars from just before this time, that are still on our roads, will be unable to change fuel. The official advice is that any car predating 2002 is unlikely to be compatible and are advised not to try as it can damage your vehicle.

Vauxhall has previously said, “E10 fuel can be used in all petrol-engine Vauxhall vehicles except models with the 2.2-litre direct-injection petrol engine (code Z22YH) used in Vectra, Signum, and Zafira.”

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Check out The First Peak At The Brand-New styling For The Vauxhall Range

Yesterday we were treated to a sneak peak of the Vauxhall GT X Experimental brand concept.
This is the new futuristic design that’s going to be a vision of Vauxhalls next decade of cars from 2019. Vauxhall is hoping this modern design direction will revamp the brand. Vauxhall’s Vice-President of design Mark Adams has said: “Design will be at the heart of everything that we do in the future. It will truly differentiate the Vauxhall brand, and make it sharper and more relevant to our core values.”

Photos By Vauxhall

While the images leave a lot to the imagination, what’s under the sheet gives us an idea of the shape of the new range, suggesting an updated hatchback body. Whilst the modern lights and general look appears similar to other ‘futuristic’ style cars such as other electric or hybrid models. Vauxhall has explained these lights are called ‘Vizors’ and will be a prominent feature on the future range.

Overall Vauxhall has said the new range “will embrace its core values – British, Ingenious, Progressive and Approachable – and provide a template for the future design of its production cars”.

What do you think is this a good direction for Vauxhall? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Vauxhaull – 25 Years of the Corsa

The Corsa model turns 25 this year! To celebrate this achievement Vauxhall released a list of 25 things you may not have known about the Corsa, Check it out below!

As the iconic Corsa turns 25, here’s 25 things you may not know about it 
  1. The original Corsa was introduced in an advert with supermodels Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista 
  2. It was once claimed that about 70% of learners make their first car purchase the same model as they pass their test in[1]
  3. Vauxhall has sold two million Corsas in the UK and 9.86 million globally
  4. ‘Corsa’ means ‘race’ in Italian
  5. When Arctic Monkeys signed a publishing deal with EMI publishing, lead vocalist Alex Turner celebrated by buying a Vauxhall Corsa 
  6. The Corsa replaced the much-loved Vauxhall Nova
  7. Matt Smith sold his Corsa on eBay for £6.3k, donating the fee to children’s charity Starlight
  8. Tinie Tempah, boxer Nicola Adams and ex-Doctor Who actor Matt Smith all bought the Corsa as their first car
  9. The most popular latest Corsa colour bought is the Grey, with 45,050 Grey Corsas currently on British roads
  10. The original model sold for £7,195, with the price rising by just £3,850 in 25 years. Assuming an annual inflation rate of 2%, it would be less expensive now than in 1993
  11. Vauxhall has sold 20,000 Corsas to UK police forces in the past ten years
  12. Original Corsa designer Richard Shaw still works at Vauxhall, working through the ranks to Chief Designer for Interiors
  13. Famous celebs involved in campaigns for the Corsa include Sean Paul, Claudia Schiffer, James Martin and fictional rock band, The C’mons
  14. Vauxhall has supplied thousands of Corsas to driving schools including BSM, Red and Hitachi Capital
  15. British artist Alex Chinneck designed a gravity-defying illusionary artwork which saw the artist suspend a Corsa fifteen feet in the air at London’s Southbank Centre
  16. Vauxhall renamed its yellow colour to Maddox Yellow to show support for pensioner Peter Maddox, whose yellow Corsa was vandalised
  17. The Corsa is one of the most popular used cars bought, with 63,000 sold each year through Network Q, the best place to buy a used Vauxhall
  18. Over 100 models of the Corsa have featured in the annual Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair at locations across the UK for the past 13 years
  19. The latest generation of the Corsa is available in 13 colours 
  20. Some Corsa models have a hidden shark on the hinge of the glove compartment
  21. Unusual Corsa models have included a convertible version and a sporty pick-up
  22. In 2014, the prototype fourth-generation Corsa was in gear to win the Guinness World Record for the “Largest GPS Drawing” 
  23. Vauxhall created a pair of bespoke headphones in the shape of a Corsa to help launch the fifth year of the UK Beatbox Championships in 2011
  24. The Corsa previously shared some of the same parts with a sports car, the Lotus Elise
  25. A new electric Corsa model will be launching in 2019 – Vauxhall’s first electric Corsa. Which you can read about here!

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Beware of Corsa Cannibals

There has been a wave of thefts among the Midlands and North East, as ‘Corsa cannibals’ are stripping Vauxhall Corsa’s. The thieves are stealing parts in the night while the cars are parked outside their owners’ house, some were even on drives. The cannibals are targeting the Corsa model due to their popularity, and the price that these parts will go for on the black market, as there is such high demand. The cannibals have been causing havoc, as people wake up in the mornings to find their bumpers missing or front ends completely dissembled! Which means expensive replacements for anyone targeted. Parts taken include bonnets, bumpers, grills and lights. These thieves have been described as highly skilled to remove these parts so quickly without damaging them, mechanics say this type of work could be done in as little as 10 minutes if someone knows what they’re doing.

This is the second wave of crimes like this, as this craze started back in 2013, during which over 500 Corsa’s were targeted in Bedfordshire. Police believed this was an organised crime network, that proved to be very profitable. A Vauxhall spokesperson has said that the cars are being targeted specifically as the Corsa models are very popular among younger drivers. The young inexperienced drivers are more prone to crashes, with the stolen parts being sold for replacements of damaged parts.

Police have warned owners of Corsa’s to be careful where they park to avoid the cannibals, preferably in a secure location, with CCVT, where thieves will be unable to get to the bonnet. Vauxhall has since teamed up with the police to try and catch these cannibals.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

When is it Time to Scrap Your Car?

If the worst should happen and your car fails its MOT test, what should you do?
If your car has failed on an issue that is easily fixed, then its nothing to worry about, either take it to a mechanic or if it is something you can fix yourself then check out our range of Vauxhall and Opel new, used or reconditioned car parts today. Whether the part you're seeking is big or small, you'll find it here!

If the problem is an expensive one, but fairly simple, then it’s time to think about how reliable the car is. If this is the first problem and it should have many more years left in it then it’ll probably be worth repairing in the long run as its cheaper than getting a brand-new car. However, if your car is older and has failed due to more complex problems such as corrosion, engine failure or brake faults, or has had recurring problems, then the cost of repair may be more than what the car is actually worth. If this is the case for you, then scrapping your car is generally the next option to take.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

MOT Changes Could Cost You £2500 And 3 Points!

There are new changes to the MOT test coming into effect on the 20th May 2018 find out here how to avoid the new harsher punishments!

The new criteria is in aid of making Britain’s cars more environmentally friendly as tougher emissions tests are enforced, from now on things like smoke can fail your car immediately, especially for diesel cars! If smoke is coming out of the exhaust this is classed as a major fault, even if this is due to a diesel particulate filter.

The main change, however, is that any faults will now be rated into one of three categories – dangerous major and minor:

  • Minor faults are classed as issues that have no significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or impact on the environment 
  • Major faults will be any issues where the car is thought to be less safe and have an impact on the environment 
  • Dangerous faults, however, pose an immediate risk to road safety and have an impact on the environment.

New rules state that if you take your car for an MOT before it runs out and then fails you cannot keep driving until the old one runs out, this will result in a £2500 fine! This was due to motorists taking their car in early to check if work needed doing, however, the new rules mean it will be registered as unroadworthy immediately no matter how long is left on the old MOT.

Among the new tests will include checks for Steering, breaking and lighting. Even small cracks in your wing mirror or windscreen can mean you fail under new rules.

In a quote from the RAC they have criticised the new changes "Rather than MOT failures simply being black and white, the new system creates the potential for confusion as testers will have to make a judgment as to whether faults are 'Dangerous', 'Major' or 'Minor'” RAC spokesman Simon Williams

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